What is Red Teaming?


In recent years, more companies changed their view and state of mind about cybersecurity, they merged from “defense only” perspective to a more hybrid approach of “attack and defense”. 

In this article we will discuss how a Red Team Operation is different from Penetration Testing and how it can benefit you and your organization security. Instead of relying on a single network appliance to secure sensitive data, it’s better to take a defense in depth approach and continuously improve your people, process, methodology and technology.

Red Team Operations vs. Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing typically used to test whether specific networks, assets, platforms, hardware or applications are susceptible to attacks. Penetration tests are not focused on stealth, evasion, or the ability of the blue team to detect and respond, since the blue team is fully aware of the scope of the testing being conducted.

In the current cybersecurity landscape, penetration testing has become a must for most organizations and industries. In fact, it’s required by regulation in many cases.

In Penetration Testing, the customer decides about the scope of the work, what to be focused on and when to finish the project, but in Red Team the story is totally different. 

Red Team Operations are designed to achieve specific goals, such as gaining access to sensitive data or business-critical application. Red team Operations also differ in the fact that they are mainly focused on emulating adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations.

A Red Team Operation consists of a realistic, “no-holds-barred” attack scenario in your environment. TRIOX Security red team uses any nondestructive, tailored made methods necessary to accomplish a set of jointly agreed upon mission objectives while simulating attacker behavior . The red team members mimics attacker’s active and stealthy methods by using TTPs seen on real, recent incident response engagements. This helps to assess your security teams ability to detect and respond to an active attacker scenarios.

Common Red Team Tactics

In a Red Team Operation, the attackers will start with Reconnaissance, they will gather information about the organization, technologies in use, websites, public IP addresses, email addresses, details regarding the employees, their hobbies and any other information that will help the attackers to understand the target. This information will be crucial for the attackers in their next steps.

Then the attackers (Red Teamers) will continue with the execution of some manual and automated scans on the victim network to find open ports, vulnerabilities, default credentials, weak passwords and more.

Next, the attackers will research the findings and try to exploit vulnerabilities of a vulnerable server, brute-force passwords, execute a phishing attack if needed to get an initial foothold on the target’s network. 

In a phishing scenario, it is possible to send a specifically crafted malware to emails, chats or even mimic a legitimate website or service that is mostly used by the organization users. In the end of the Red Team Operation, traces and any other logs regarding the attack will be destroyed so it will be harder if not possible for the security teams to hunt the attackers.

Red Team Operation


A Red Team Operation is different from a Penetration Testing. In most cases the duration is longer, a specific scope basically does not exist and it is a “multi domain” attack based on the organizational assets such as the internal network, used applications, logical, physical and social engineering attack scenarios. 

TRIOX Security Red Team Operations

TRIOX Security Red Team Operations is ideal for organizations who want to test their ability to protect critical assets from advanced sophisticated and targeted attacks. Such operations are great for organizations that want to understand and evaluate their stand against advanced adversaries such as nation-state and APT groups and train their security teams to improve detection and response capabilities to real world attack scenarios.

TRIOX Security Red Team Operations goes through the full attack life cycle, from initial reconnaissance to mission completion.

Using our experience from the front lines of cyber attacks, our experts simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures of real world targeted attack, without the negative consequences.

We at TRIOX Security are dedicated to study the organization needs in the technological and human aspects, test the security weaknesses and provide tailored cybersecurity solutions.

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